Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Snow Day Read!

Just Imagine If This
Happened To You!
Trapped by Michael Northrop
Seven high school students are stranded at their New England high school during a week-long blizzard that shuts down the power and heat, freezes the pipes, and leaves them wondering how they will survive.
And Just For Some Blizzard Fun.....
Here are our top 10 winter perils:
10)Being Hit By Snow Balls
9) Being Hit By Ice Hidden In The Snow Balls
8)Slipping and Falling On Ice
7) Falling Through Ice
6) Getting Caught In A Snow Storm
5) Being Buried By A Snow Fort Cave In
4) Double Dog Dared To Lick A Flag Pole
3)Getting Chased and Caught By A Polar Bear
2) Getting Chased and Caught By The Abominable Snowman
1) Not Getting A Snow Day!
Enjoy Your Snow Days Off!
And Stay Safe!

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