Monday, October 15, 2012

Can you save someone from what has already happened?

Since Daniel's mother moved out, his father's been drinking and depressed. Daniel, already self-conscious about his weight and being bullied at school, now feels he is responsible for his parent's breakup. When his father takes him to a sports camp for a week, so they can both "begin to heal", Daniel doesn't expect much. 

While his father immediately falls to the temptation of alcohol, Daniel meets a mysterious girl swimming in the lake. Wearing a watch that ticks backward, Lexi is covered with cuts and bruises, invisible to everyone but Daniel. He discovers she's a ghost, murdered during the hour the clocks turned back to end daylight saving time two years before. On the anniversary of her death, she relives the terrible ordeal. Determined to break the cycle and release Lexi's ghost, Daniel finds the courage "to touch someone and then let them go" as the fatal hour approaches. 

Get ready for an intriguing ghost story.

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