Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gritty and Believable

Lousy camp experiences are as plentiful as mosquitoes.
Camp takes a look at a 14-year-old girl's hellish eight weeks at Camp Takawanda for Girls. Ostracized Amy Becker feels like she can trace her problems to the moment she boarded the bus: she was the only one wearing the stupid camp uniform, and her autistic brother, Charlie, made a scene. 
Soon cruel Rory and her posse of mean girls strip Amy naked in front of boys on a beach and throw her into the water. It's frustrating for the reader yet still believable that Amy doesn't manage to get help, and so Rory continues to humiliate and threaten Amy at every turn. 
Fake cheery letters back home to Charlie make her travails all the more painful, until she breaks through into vengeance: Camp was a jungle; I'd play by the law. Eat or be eaten.
- Booklist review.

Call # YA Wolf, Elaine NEW

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