Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Read something SCARY!

Do you like to watch scary movies?  Or a TV show that sends chills up your spine?  And  who doesn't enjoy the thrill of adrenalin when it your favorite character is on the run...and it doesn't look good

There is nothing like a scary book, read right before you go to bed!  Try this one...

Callie Carson is happy--she finally got an invite to one of the coolest parties of the year. But her night with the inner circle quickly ends when she makes a horrifying discovery: her friend Katherine has been killed.  
Callie is found kneeling beside the body of Katherine and holding a knife. Afraid she'll be charged with murder, Callie takes off, hoping she can figure out who the killer is before she's caught. 

Blood on My Hands
by Todd Strasser
Call # YA STR

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