Friday, May 31, 2013

Time for Some Light Summer Reading!

We're all a little like Danielle, really, in
 OCD, the Dude, and Me

With frizzy orange hair, a plus-sized body, sarcastic demeanor, Danielle Levine doesn't fit in even at her alternative high school. While navigating her doomed social life, she writes scathing, self-aware, and sometimes downright raunchy essays for English class.

Written as a series of  essays, private journal entries, letters, and e-mails, Danielle, a loner, finds it easiest to communicate through writing. She has OCD, often rearranging her collection of snow globes for comfort, but dreams of Friday night parties with the popular kids, including the object of her unrequited love, Jacob!

As a result of her unfiltered writing style, she is forced to see the school psychologist and enroll in a "social skills" class. But when she meets Daniel, another social misfit who is obsessed with the cult classic film The Big Lebowski, Danielle's resolve to keep everyone at arm's length starts to crumble.


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