Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Well, Jeff didn't believe in ghosts either until he moved to California and started attending  Whitestone Academy.

Life After Theft
by Aprilynne Pike

Jeff and his family have just moved from Phoenix to Santa Monica, where he now attends a posh private school haunted by a ghost only he can see: Kimberlee Schaffer, once Whitestone Academy's queen bee. 

Jeff learns that Kimberlee, who drowned more than a year ago, was a serious kleptomaniac who had stolen from virtually every student and teacher at the school, as well as exclusive, expensive stores. Her ghost is unable to move on because she wants to return the stolen goods to their owners but ghosts can't physically move objects. 

So Jeff becomes her "hands", packaging and returning the items with an I'm Sorry sticker with a red rose on them.  
I'm Sorry
But soon everyone wants to know how all their items were returned and who did it.
Jeff's new girlfriend, Sera, knows it's Kimberlee, but how could it be?  To top it off, Jeff discovers Sera and Kimberlee had a seriously BAD past...and it would not be good if Sera found out Jeff was helping Kimberlee.

(also available as a downloadable ebook)

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