Saturday, July 20, 2013

What would you trade to get the guy of your dreams?

Stage one: Egg. 
Okay, I was never an egg in the conventional sense, but close enough.
Stage Two: Larva. 
That was me, totally larval all through elementary and middle school. Picture the kid who raises her hand and goes "Oooh! ooooh!"
Stage three: Pupa. 
Last year we moved two school districts over. I kept my answers and test scores to myself. I joined the JV gymnastics team and I found a best friend. 
Stage Four: Butterfly.
I swapped out my glasses for contacts and lost the braces. I tried out for cheerleading and made it. When school starts, I will walk through those big double doors with a bag of cheer gear and I will have fully evolved. 
Nora Fulbright has wings! 
Now she just needs to learn how to use them...
Call #: YA Valentine, Allyson

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