Monday, August 26, 2013

Found Money...Lots of it!

Based on a true story...

Four best friends-Jonathan, Sam, Schulz, and Eric-spend their time in the suburbs of Munich hanging out, skateboarding, playing video games, and getting stoned and drunk.

When the young men enter a deserted house and find a stack of envelopes filled with money, they steal it, opening up countless possibilities for exhilaration and self-destruction. Initially giddy with their new found freedom and power, the boys consume everything on the McDonald's menu, splurge on drugs and alcohol, and show off their riches in public.

 Yet their sudden affluence leads them to betray one another and cross legal and ethical boundaries. 

Do they realize the negative impact of the stolen money on their lives? Guilt and paranoia overshadow this "every man's fantasy" of having everything, but then dealing with the inevitable consequences.


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