Monday, August 19, 2013

Love Lost...Can You Get It Back?

Conclusion to the Elixir trilogy by Hilary Duff

 Just when she thought she had lost Sage forever, his soul found its way into another body and Clea was reunited with the love of her life.   Unfortunately, that body belongs to her best friend Rayna's boyfriend!

How can Clea tell Rayna that Nico is gone when it looks like he is still here?  And worse, Sage's soul has not taken well to this new body, and he is experiencing violent mood swings and memory lapses.  Clea is certain she will not be able to handle losing him again, yet staying with him in this state is almost too painful to bear.

Only Ben offers a possible solution and though Clea can't be sure he's really on her side, she'd ready to try anything to save the man she loves.

The journey that started with Elixir and Devoted comes to a powerful conclusion!

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