Monday, September 30, 2013

Really Good Sci-Fi Read!

Mila 2.0
by Debra Driza

 Mila, 16, is shocked to learn--by falling out of a truck and discovering wires and high-tech gadgetry where blood and bones should be--that she is not a teenage girl, but a military weapon: Mobile Intel Lifelike Android.
Her mother is actually one of the scientists who created her.

Her "mother", who has learned to care for Mila, spirited her away when it was decided that Mila should be scrapped in favor of a newer model (Mila 3.0) because Mila version 2.0  developed nearly genuine human emotions, and therefore has become an unacceptable vulnerability. When Mila and her mom are caught, Mila must face a series of tests to save her mother and herself from elimination. To survive, she'll have to figure out how to make the most of her military hardware and training as well as her undesirable and unplanned human emotions
A fast-paced sci-fi adventure complete with artificial intelligence, military intrigue, secret societies and a hint of romance.

also available as audiobook on OPPL's Overdrive 

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