Friday, December 6, 2013

Sequel to Dead End in Norvelt

Adventures from Norvelt continue in the Jack Gantos sequel:

 Whodunit this time?

 There's a murder of yet another old lady.  Is it old Mr. Spizz, who is on the lam after confessing to the murder of nine others? Could it be Mr. Huffer, the local undertaker?

Well,  Miss Volker enlists Jack to help her solve this mystery. Perhaps not the best decision-making by the duo, but then the Cuban Missile Crisis looms and, as Jack says, Bad choices don't matter anymore... Since were all going to be blown up anyway. 

 Jack ends up sailing their decrepit VW Beetle along the back roads of Tennessee and Virginia attempting to find an answer... Miss Volker ready with a sharpened harpoon on the roof rack. Join them on a wild and challenging road-trip, murder mystery, meditation on American history, and love story all in one.


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