Saturday, January 25, 2014

Going Away to College?

A novel about friendship, first loves, and random room assignments!

Elizabeth , EB for short, lives in New Jersey and is gearing up to head across the country to study landscape architecture at Berkeley in the fall.  She's leaving her mom, friends, and boyfriend (of whom she's not too interested in anymore) behind, and has secret hopes of finding her gay father, who lives in San Francisco and owns an art gallery.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Lauren Cole is the oldest of six and an incoming freshman at Berkeley, too.  Though she's going on scholarship, she's been saving her earnings from her 2 jobs to pay for any extras she may need.  She requested a SINGLE room to have some much desired privacy, but the scholarship didn't cover that request.  Now she and EB have been assigned as roommates. 

The two future roommates get to know each other over the summer through emails filled with  mis-communications and surprisingly intimate connections. But changes at home are making life confusing for both girls, too!


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