Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sequel to Starters

by Lissa Price

You know the setup: a society where bio-engineering enabled older people inhabit the bodies of teens, thus giving them a chance to revisit youth. It's INSANE to imagine.  But it's a way for people to earn money to survive!

 While Callie, a teen Metal with a chip in her head, helped bring down the evil Prime Destinations company, the mastermind, the Old Man, got away. Now, despite the loss of his facility and all the computers and equipment it contained, he is still able to access Callie's head. 

But something leads Callie to believe her father may have survived the plague that took down his generation, and might know something useful about the technology. 

And if that's not all...there seems to be an inappropriate love interest in the form of the Old Man's son.

Callie needs to heed the Old Man's advice: Trust no one but yourself . . . and then question that! 

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