Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Future America...with a Twist!

If you enjoy Dystopian novels, this one will certainly not disappoint!

A wall west of the Mississippi River divides the country into the infected (or at risk of being infected) and those who live west of the wall and are safe and virus-free. Smart, spunky Lane, is a kind person who believes in the innate worth of all living beings. 
But she is fascinated by the wall and what lies over it.
When Lane's father is away on one of his mysterious business trips, she is arrested and told that she must find him. What happens next changes not only everything she had learned about the Feral Zone, but changes her life.
Rafe, a guy who had grown up in the Feral Zone, is hardened by living with the very real threat of being bitten by a feral person and contracting the virus. He wears his scars from fighting the crazy creatures like medals. Everson, a soldier, grew up in the safety of the west. He has no scars, but he is intelligent and well-trained, and he wants to find a cure for the virus.  
The virus is brutal...its victims become bloodthirsty savages, even part animal/part human!

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