Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oh No! An Aging Virus!!

A virus that ages its victims in hours is attacking 
Mia's school and town...

Sixteen -year-old Mia is afraid of the dark.

Darkness haunts her.

But  when her classmates and teachers at her ritzy Westbrook Academy start dying of old age from a bizarre and frightening virus that ages the victims in a matter of hours, Mia becomes haunted by a lot more than the dark.

Their gruesome deaths worry Mia and she fears that she and her friends will be next.

There's only one place to escape the armed soldiers in hazmat suits who want them in quarantine: The Cave - aka Fenton Electronics.  Mia know it's somehow connected and hopes her dad, the director of Fenton Electronics, who has been oddly secretive about his work, has the answers she needs, and more important, a cure to save everyone before the whole town succumbs to the mysterious virus!

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