Friday, May 23, 2014

What if You FOUND a Baby?

Saving  Baby Doe
by Danette Vigilante

13-year-old Lionel Perez and his best friend, Anisa Torres, live in Brooklyn. One day, while trespassing in a nearby construction site, they discover an abandoned baby in a Porta-Potty. 

Lionel and Anisa spring into action and vow to protect Baby Doe, even when adults try to take matters out their hands.  But Lionel wants the baby to feel wanted and loved.  So
he becomes involved with some neighborhood boys who sell drugs. He knows this is a bad idea, but Lionel feels it's the only way he can earn money to provide for the baby, whom he plans to "kidnap". 

 The real challenge comes, though, when Lionel discovers the baby's mother and must make the hard decision whether to tell or keep this knowledge a secret.


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