Monday, June 2, 2014

Senior Year"s Gonna Be A Killer!

When student reporter, Millie, finds the dead body of the football team's coach, she is determined to beat rival reporter Vivienne to the story, especially since Viv keeps writing articles implicating Millie's dad: the assistant coach, mayor, and now lead suspect. 

Coach Killdare wasn't popular, though, and Millie's suspects encompass everyone from the pushover principal to the furious former quarterback. One of these suspects, current QB and handsome enigma Chase Albright, also seems to be investigating, despite Millie's attempts to shake him off.

 With only a stack of old Nancy Drew books to guide her, Millie sets out to solve the murder and save her father and try not to implicate Chase, who, Millie discovers, has a curious and elusive past...


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