Monday, July 28, 2014

Gripping Historical Fiction!

Mending Horses
by M.P. Barker

 In 1830s New England, Irish immigrant Daniel, formerly indentured as a servant, gains his freedom only to be accused of stealing his former master's horse, a rumor that quickly escalates to include mass murder and leads to his near lynching. 

After his rescue, the teen travels to a nearby town and falls in with his old friend Stocking, now accompanied by 12-year-old Billy. Soon Daniel discovers that Billy, who Stocking rescued from a drunken, ne'er-do-well of a father, is actually a girl in disguise. The three travel and work odd jobs until they find a place in a traveling circus, where Daniel's skills with horses and ponies, whose anatomical and behavioral scars he can mend, prove to be quite a boon. 

Meanwhile, obstinate and headstrong Billy learns tragic news about the family she has left behind.  - BookList Review

Call # YA  BARKER, M.P.

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