Monday, September 15, 2014

Summer Love?

It's gonna be an interesting summer!

To avoid running into her ex-boyfriend, a teenage girl leaves town to work the summer at a Renaissance fair.  All of Rowena Duncan's summer plans went kaput when she discovered her boyfriend was two-timing her. Hanging with her friends at the beach and working at a local restaurant was no longer an option, since those are places she would assuredly see him. 

Landing a job she finds online, Rowena winds up as a face painter at a Renaissance fair, far from civilization and reliable cellphone reception.  But , the place is rich with artists and performers. Her high-powered parents, however, want her to follow in their white-collar footsteps and only view the job as a topic for a standout college essay. 

Rowena settles in quickly thanks to sweet and attentive Will, a witty, whip-cracking magician who shows her the ropes. But it's the heart-stopping, black-haired, blue-eyed knight Christian who keeps Rowena's adrenaline pumping and soon she finds herself wrestling with Cupid all over again.  - Kirkus Reviews


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