Monday, March 9, 2015

The Lonely Hearts Club sequel

When Penny Lane started The Lonely Hearts Club, the goal was simple: to show that girls didn't need to define themselves by how guys looked at them, and didn't have to value boyfriends over everything else. 

 Penny thought she'd be an outcast for life...but then the club became far more popular than she ever imagined it would be.

But what happens when the girl who never thought she'd date a good guy suddenly finds herself dating a great one?  
She doesn't need a boyfriend, but she wants it to work out with this particular boyfriend.  And he wants it to work out with her.

Penny needs to figure out how to balance what she wants with what everyone else wants.  She struggles to get to the heart of how hard relationships can be and why they are sometimes worth all the drama and comedy they create.

We Can Work It Out


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